Animal Flow

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is a “quadruped” system, designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels. Animal Flow has something for “every body”! Animal flow uses body weight movement, and you might notice that it also combines elements of yoga, gymnastics, dance, martial arts and animal-inspired movements.

Cindy’s classes are safe spaces for people to explore and push themselves in a safe environment. “Animal Flow” changed her life and she can’t wait to change your too!


Who is Cindy?

Cindy is a Certified “Animal Flow” Instructor. This practice changed her life as a dancer, fitness lover, Krav Maga and martial arts practitioner. This discipline allowed her to work on strength, endurance, mobility and injury prevention while being on tour as an artist and/or entering her next physical athletic challenge she had set herself as an action movie actress. She is eager to share “Animal Flow” classes whop she describes as meditative and incredibly powerful!

She received her certification after training with her incredible mentor Rafa Diez (Madrid / Barcelona), a man who both shared his passion and knowledge of the discipline but also his heart-felt story of courage, hope and physical recovery after a motorcycle accident.

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