My story of transformation

People saw me smiling, a successful artist, who lived in many different countries. Yet, they didn’t know that I suffered in silence. My body was out of control, I had put on a huge amount of weight and my energy levels were so low that I lost my passion for dance… How was I able to loose over 20kg? How am I keeping the weight off? What was my journey from shaky push ups to effortless chin-ups today?

Be your own success story! I am here to hold space for you and lead you towards that version of you that feels unstoppable! Whether you are here to find more energy, learn to fuel your body, loose weight, or get strong… I got you! And we are gonna walk the path with kindness and compassion. We will dance together through the challenges and sing when it is time to celebrate the small wins!

My story – Part 1
My story – Part 2
My story – Part 3
My story – Part 4